BSF viral video push: Tej Bahadur Yadav liable to claim against his rejection today

New Delhi: Former Border Security Force (BSF) jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who was rejected from the BSF over his viral video of poor sustenance quality for jawans, is probably going to bid against his expulsion from administration in a Delhi court on Monday.

The SSFC directed the procedures against Yadav taking after charges under arrangement of the BSF Act and Rules:-

•An act pre legal to great request and train of the constrain in which he made false assertions via web-based networking media with respect to nature of nourishment and did not cling to formal grievance redressal system of the drive.

•Neglect to obey general requests of the drive in which he conveyed two cell phones while on operational obligation against the SOP and furthermore posted photos in uniform via web-based networking media in contradiction of directions.

Yadav was discovered blameworthy of the considerable number of charges and granted expulsion from administration.

However amid the procedures, all open doors were given to Yadav for his resistance

According to the BSF Act and Rules, he can present a request of or offer against the discipline to the higher central station inside three months.

Taking after his expulsion, Yadav asked for the legislature to bolster him and affirmed that in the event that he didn’t get the support, he would move the legal.

“I will ask for the administration to bolster me on this issue. In the event that the administration is not ready to make any move, then I will continue to court. I have recorded my supplication to every higher clergyman and divisions and I wish that they stand and come in support of me,” he said.

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