Budget 2017: Mobile Phones Prices Likely to See 1-2 Percent Hike, Says Counterpoint

With the Union Budget 2017-18, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley imposed a 2 percent Special Additional Duty (SAD) on imported populated PCBs for use in the assembling of cell phones. The new traditions obligation is probably going to influence the estimating of the ‘Make in India’ cell phones considering cost of the PCBs make up a critical part of a telephone’s cost. Presently, statistical surveying organization Counterpoint Research has assessed 1-2 percent ascend in cell phone costs.

“The PCBA is the heart of the cell phone and relates to the greater part of the aggregate segment esteem going into the telephones. So after imposing an uncommon extra obligation (SAD) of 2 percent, we gauge 1-2 percent ascend in cell phone costs,” said Counterpoint in a messaged reaction to Gadgets 360.

As of late, the administration of India choice on the Special Additional Duty appropriate on the populated printed circuit sheets has seen some forward and backward. For those unconscious, the Union Budget 2016-17 had presented a similar 2 percent SAD, raising it from 0 percent, however it was moved back a year ago.

“All PCBs [are] imported in India. Be that as it may, just Samsung has been doing SMT-level (Surface Mount Technology) PCBA gathering in India (mounting parts on top of uncovered PCB). With obligation on populated PCB expanding, one can anticipate that different sellers will stick to this same pattern,” said the statistical surveying firm on the subject of what rate of cell phones ‘Made in India’ utilize imported PCBs.

Source:- NDTV


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