CIA Assessed Rajiv Gandhi Assassination 5 Years Before He Was Killed

NEW DELHI: Five years before Rajiv Gandhi was killed in 1991, the US Central Intelligence Agency had arranged an exceptionally nitty gritty and exhaustive “brief” on what might happen in the event that he is killed or makes a “sudden takeoff” from the Indian political scene.

A 23-page report, titled “India After Rajiv …” was put out as right on time as in March 1986 for remarks from other senior CIA authorities. The “cleaned” report was declassified as of late by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The report, whose total title is not by any means accessible as it is part erased, was set up on the premise of information sources accessible to the CIA till January 1986.

The principal sentence of the report’s accessible (undeleted) page peruses: “Head administrator Rajiv Gandhi confronts no less than an even possibility of death before his residency in office closes in 1989.” It, be that as it may, later obviously said that “death is the major close term risk” to him.

More than five years after the fact, Mr Gandhi was killed at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991.

The main area titled “Key Judgments” investigations and thinks upon what likely situation would develop in the local and global political circumstance if there is a sudden change in initiative less Rajiv Gandhi and the probable effect on India’s relations with the US, the then USSR and the district.

It additionally managed the dangers postured to Mr Gandhi’s life by different radical gatherings around then and the conceivable aftermath of his murder.

“In the event that Gandhi tumbled to a Sikh or Kashmiri Muslim professional killer, far reaching mutual brutality most likely would eject regardless of the possibility that solid preventive safety efforts – including arrangement of Army and paramilitary troops crosswise over northern India – were taken by the Indian President ……(deleted),” it said.

Curiously, it likewise names P V Narasimha Rao and V P Singh, who could be the “between time successor” and “likely applicants” if there should arise an occurrence of sudden exit by Mr Gandhi. Mr Rao assumed control as the Prime Minister in 1991.

In an area, titled ‘The Threat of Assassination: Stability in Jeopardy’, the report says “In our view, there is no less than an even shot in the following quite a while of a death, no doubt by radical Sikhs or displeased Kashmiri Muslims who have focused on Rajiv,” other than “an over the top Hindu”.

Source:- NDTV


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