25-Year-Old Woman Techie Found Dead On Infosys Pune Campus, Guard Arrested

PUNE: A 25-year-old lady working with Infosys was discovered killed at her office in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi in Pune on Sunday.

K Rasila Raju, who hailed from Kerala, was professedly choked with a PC wire. The episode occurred on the ninth floor of the Infosys building. A security monitor has been captured regarding the murder.

“The occurrence may have occurred around 5 PM yet we got a call around 8 PM. Raju was utilized as a product build by the firm,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Vaishali Jadhav said.

Ms Jadhav said that Rasila was working in her office while her two colleagues were online in Bengaluru.

“Her supervisor was attempting to call her, however there was no reaction. The chief called and requested that the security watch go and check and when the security monitor went to see her, she was discovered oblivious close to her workstation,” the officer said.

Ms Raju’s family has been educated about her passing

Source:- NDTV


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